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Wilderness Trek Blog

Rachel’s Walkabout Experience

I have learned so much through this program. It has definitely changed my perspective and my growth in the Lord in every aspect. I love the dynamics of the program and I really enjoy all the different types of activities that we get to experience. Being here has made...

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Anna’s Walkabout Story

Anna Escobar attended Walkabout in 2009-2010. She has also worked on our summer staff team for a number of summers. Anna's involvement at Camp Eagle has not only shaped who she is, but God has changed lives through her. Doing Walkabout was a really incredible...

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Sam Miller – Post Semester Survey

Has completing this course given you an idea of what direction you would like to go professionally? If so, what direction is that? Yes, I want to work as a guide or instructor for climbing. Do you feel prepared to pursue a career in the outdoor industry? If no, why...

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Julie Kurz – Post Semester Thoughts

What component of the program did you value most during your time as a participant in this course? Definitely the guide mindset and the focus on noticing and employing that. The certifications are a tangible thing that say we are capable of practicing in a certain...

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