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Basecamp lodges and housing is situated in the heart of the Glorieta campus. Just a short walk away from the dining hall, coffee shop, sports courts, trails and games fields, there’s never a long hike to find a gathering place or activities. The Wilderness lodge locations feature large communal areas for chatting and relaxing with friends and include private bathrooms and showers.

Family Facilities

These are hotel-style rooms, with a full private bathrooms and the option of two queen-size beds or one king-size bed. Some rooms are adjoining to accommodate families needing multiple rooms. Our rooms allow your family to be close to the action and provide an opportunity for fellowship and community with other families. Family lodging also offers a dedicated dining hall, spacious communal areas with wifi and comfy seating, retail, coffee shop and more. This is perfect for family groups and younger groups.

General Camp Areas

Glorieta 2,400+-acre campus is located about 15 miles southeast of Santa Fe and was founded as the Glorieta Baptist Assembly in 1952. Total camp capacity is more than 2,000 overnight guests. Built on a deep desire to expand the rich history of Glorieta, they have restored the campus and its buildings and filled them with outdoor adventure activities and programs that are loaded with fun and tailored to inspire lives towards a deeper relationship with Christ. wilderness Trek is blessed to be able to operate at such a world-class facility.

Common Places

From the well-equipped common areas and sunny courtyards to coffee shops and retail areas, you’ll find groups playing games, deep in discussion or quiet study. Take a short walk to the Firehouse and challenge your friends to a game of air hockey or an impromptu singalong. Or head over to the Gypsie Wagon for a quick snack. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a spot on campus where people aren’t gathered and because the whole campus is private you never have to worry who is around you. Everyone he is part of our family!

Relaxing Spots

Before and after your trip there are plenty of places to relax, think and quietly diffuse. Stake a claim at one of the many hammocks that are open for grabs. Find a soft patch of grass in one of our courtyard areas or find your own rock overlooking the waterfront. Take a shaded stroll through virgin aspen stands or reflect as you hike to one of our many scenic overlooks. Breath in the fresh mountain air. Now exhale. Welcome home.

Coffee Shops

After a week on the trail, nothing beats a fresh cup of joe. There’s no fancy mermaid on these cups. This is real grounds for sittin’ and sippin’, Lower Rockies style. Order up, bust out the board games and let’s chat. Our Family Camp courtyard location provides a quiet indoor spot with plenty of mellow light and comfy seating for curling up with a Good Book. Or try our Firehouse location for a more lively outdoor vibe.

Camp Stores

Forgot your sweatshirt? Need an extra water bottle or a clean pair of socks? The Glorieta gear just keeps getting better every year. Stock up and let your friends know where you spent the summer. Find one in the Family Camp courtyard, complete with ice cream shop and game room. And another at the Firehouse, with plenty of games, music and outdoor seating. Check out the new Wilderness Trek SAWG coming summer 2019!

Incredible awe-inspiring mountain top vistas and a healthy hike up to see them.

The old Glorieta historic barn – site of many a hootin’ hollerin’ boot scootin’ BBQ’in’ shindig.

The Firehouse Coffee Shop complete with the historic Glorieta fire truck is a popular gathering place.

Get your kicks at Glorieta’s Route 66 Filling Station event area. Glorieta is actually right on the old historic Route 66.

A place to walk in quiet solitude through forest and trails, seeking grace in every step you take.

The kaleidoscope of colors on The Gypsy Wagon are the siren’s call to campers seeking goodies and gatherings.

His thoughts have turned inside himself to try and understand the serenity of a quite mountain lake.

A tree lined campus, the Group Camps Dining Hall on the left, the spire behind the waterfront on the right.

The Prayer Garden is a perfect place for quiet contemplation after a day of rousing adventure activities.

God’s creation is full of wonder filling hearts yearning to understand the meaning of life.

The entry to Glorieta always attended by a volunteer with a friendly smile and a welcoming heart.

Originally founded in 1949, Glorieta has experienced God’s transformation, just like campers who attend here.

Open/Closed Areas

There’s tons of stuff to do, and more on the way.

80% – Let’s Have Fun!

There’s a lot to do at Gloreta. No kidding; a week at camp is not nearly enough time to experience it all. Our goal is to deliver an exciting, memorable and life-changing experience to every camper who comes to Glorieta. No matter what camp you choose, we’ll. From mountain biking to climbing, waterfront activities to archery tag, hikes, campouts, games and more, we’ll make sure there’s never a dull moment.

20% – Making Improvements!

We’re working on a few things to make the Wilderness Trek experience even better. Until then, our zip lines, waterfront tower and decks, mud pit platform, tree house challenge, indoor superswing and several of our climbing activities will be closed during the 2018 season.