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Wilderness Trek provides spiritual growth and leadership training through outdoor experiences to teens, young adults, and families. For over 47 years we have used adventure in order to teach others the skills they need to be lifelong followers of Christ so that they may positively impact their families, community, schools, and workplace for decades to come.

Donations to our ministry will go to train the next generation of leaders to become lifelong Christ followers by supporting all WTCC programs. All gifts will be used as designated. If all funds are raised for specific needs or projects, the remaining will be used to fund the ministry.

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“My favorite part of trek is just unplugging from technology and being surrounded [by] nature.”

— Brittney from Fort Worth, TX

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Did you know that ALL participant fees are subsidized partially or fully? This is made possible because of your investment in God’s Kingdom through your generous donation to the ministry. We are so grateful.