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Make a Difference. Change a Life.


Because of the COVID-19 crisis affecting our trips we are facing a record projected shortfall in our ministry putting our ability to employ full time mission staff at risk. PLEASE CONSIDER DONATING TODAY IN ORDER TO KEEP OUR MINISTRY FRUITFUL DURING THIS TIME!

How to Give

One Time Gifts

Your one time donation allows us to minister to generatinos of teens and families. 

Give Monthly

Join our SHERPA club by supporting our ministry with a monthly donation!

Donate Non-Cash Gifts

If you have a property or asset that you would like to give to us, we would be pleased to discuss this with you.

NEXT40 Capital Campaign

Our goal is to raise the capital needed to launch the NEXT 40 years of teaching the power of God through outdoor adventures.

Ways to Give


What does your monthly donation do?

  • $25 a month for one year buys one complete set of new gear (backpack, sleeping bag, sleeping mat, tent)

  • $50 a month for one year provides a schlorship for one teen to have a once in a lifetime experience on a Trek that would otherwise be unavailable to them

  • $100 a month for one year pays for group permits and USFS fees for one public land area for an entire year

  • $200 a month for one year pays for training for our entire summer staff to be certified in WIlderenss First Aid, Child Safety and Awareness, and LNT in order to provide a safe and fun experience for our guests

  • $300 a month for one year pays for curriculum and journal development to printing for all trips

  • Other Amount : Choose an amount that best fits your budget. All gifts go towards growing God’s Kingdom by giving us the tools we need to spread the gospel through adventure.

One Time Gifts

Here are some examples of where your gifts go:

  • $150 Buys one new backpack for our trip participants to use to carry supplies and gear
  • $250 Buys one new shelter for 4 people to use on one of our life changing adventures
  • $500 Provides a scholarship for a teen to go on one of our life changing trips
  • $1,000 Covers all of the food for one entire adventure experience
  • $2,500 Provides the support for an summer staff adventure missionary¬†
  • $5,000 Sponsors the entire 3 week summer staff training experience
  • $7,500 Pays for an entire group scholarship for a low resource/at risk group to experience Trek
  • $10,000 Provides for group basecamp lodging for 75 people for 15 weeks
  • $15,000 Allows us to spread the Gospel to new groups by sponsoring our marketing efforts for a year
  • $25,000 Provides support for 10 seasonal adventure missionary staff from all over the country
  • $50,000 Provides for one full time staff adventure missionary for a full year
  • $100,000 Provides for all non salary ministry expenses for one year

Donate Non-Cash Gifts

If you have a property or asset that you would like to give to Glorieta, we would welcome the opportunity to discuss this with you! Please consider discussing your gift with a tax lawyer prior to contacting us. Many gifts can provide you with a charitable tax deduction when properly.

  • Real Estate
  • Vehicles
  • Securities
  • Wills & Trusts
  • Other Assets
  • Non-cash Gifts

NEXT40 Capital Campaign

After 41 years of operation, we envision a new future. Next40 is our campaign to raise 18 months of startup capital to launch our ministry into the NEXT40 years of teaching generations of people the transformational power of hearing God through nature. This will provide us operating capital to do 4 main things.

Develop our markets-expand our reach, scope, and customer base

Develop our processes-streamline our registration to online, long term permitting and business processes

Develop our people-hire more full time staff, expand volunteer base, and grow training

Develop our product-offer quality trips to more people and groups


Wilderness Trek Christian Camp, Inc. 1003 Shell Ave. Midland, TX 79705

As a non-profit ministry, we use all donations in a wise and responsible manner to fund capital improvements for our camp facilities, offer summer camp scholarships to underserved children, and cover overhead and operating expenses for our programs. Gifts are tax-deductible and can be made Online or by Check sent to the address on the left.