How to get in shape for your trip

The best way to get in shape for backpacking


What is your dream adventure? A safari in Africa? Hiking in the grand canyon? Backpacking across Colorado? Picture yourself on that dream adventure. Imagine you are surrounded by friends, the weather is perfect and everything comes together in a magic moment. Then you hear it. A horrible sucking noise. Deep wheezing followed by profuse sweating and weird looks from your friends. That is what it is like to show up for your adventure out of shape and unprepared. Don’t be that guy….

Getting in shape for a backpacking trip is easier than you think! Prepping for your outdoor adventure starts with physical activity. While the internet is filled with workout plans and tips and tricks for getting into “the best shape of your life” we find that getting ready starts with your mindset and your habits.

Deciding to get in shape and prepare is the best way to get started on your next adventure. Every year we hear people tell us, “I wish I would have prepared better for my trip”. 

So what is the best way to get in shape for your next adventure? You might be surprised by our answer. The best way to get in shape for backpacking is… to walk. Walking helps you grow the muscles you need to be ready for your trip. Just walking every day helps you: maintain healthy body weight, improve your fitness, strengthen muscles, increase energy levels, and helps with mood and stress. Walking is the perfect activity to get ready for a backpacking trip.

Walking can also be a social activity. Every year the groups that come on our trips and go hiking together before their trip tell us they feel: closer to other participants, stronger, more prepared, and less timid about backpacking. Studies also show that walking or hiking even helps ease depression and anxiety.

Some trips or adventures that are longer or require more physical activity than casual backpacking may need more preparation like weight training, strength training, or even endurance training, but for most people who will be backpacking, hiking, or camping, walking regularly is the best way to get ready for your next trip.

Make sure and watch our short video about how you can prepare for your next backpacking trip with us! We hope to see you on the trail soon!