Facilities Update 2023

Wilderness Trek has a new home base! 

Starting in Summer 2024 Wilderness Trek has a new home base!  While we are still in the same geographic area, we will no longer be within the main property of the Glorieta 2.0 Campus,  but instead just outside it in the old Baptist Church Parsonage.  Through a generous partnership with Glorieta, we hope this will be our home for quite a few years.

To that end, the building itself was in dire need of renovation after lying vacant for many years.  Fortunately God made it so that there were folks in place on the WTCC team with the gifts and skills to get what needed to be done taken care of! We are currently in the middle of a remodel process that will make the building safe and habitable for our new Director of Operations and summer staff, as well as creating spaces to meet and prepare groups for going out on trail.

For information on our group lodging accommodations for our 2024 season, reach out to Avery Van Zee our new Director of Operations, here. If you would like to help support our efforts in establishing a long-term basecamp for WTCC,  please visit the donation link to our website below, or click here

More About the Annex

For all the years Wilderness Trek has been operating in New Mexico we have been storing the gear for trips in a converted shipping container.  With this new move to the Parsonage we also had the opportunity to rent the nearby Annex building which has given us over 1,200 square feet of space to store and organize not only trip gear,  but all the food and additional supplies needed in ONE space! This will make prepping for trail much more streamlined and help get everyone out in nature sooner!


A better place to store and organize gear, food, and supplies!

Former Container Gear Storage vs. New Annex Facility!



Wilderness Trek provides spiritual growth and leadership training through outdoor experiences to teens, young adults, and families. For over 47 years we have used adventure in order to teach others the skills they need to be lifelong followers of Christ so that they may positively impact their families, community, schools, and workplace for decades to come.

Donations to our ministry will go to train the next generation of leaders to become lifelong Christ followers by supporting all WTCC programs. All gifts will be used as designated. If all funds are raised for specific needs or projects, the remaining will be used to fund the ministry.

Please join us as we train leaders and make lifelong followers of Christ by making a donation today!

Did you know? ALL participant fees are subsidized partially or fully. This is made possible because of your investment in God’s Kingdom through your generous donation to the ministry.