What a summer! We kicked off the summer with the Hermits Peak fire (the largest forest fire in New Mexico state history) then our Executive Director had a near-fatal mountain bike accident, and we ended with new cases of COVID-19 ravaging the country. What could have been a bleak summer was blessed beyond anything we could imagine. The wonderful people at the USFS got the fire under control, our ED is recovering nicely and we had zero COVID interruptions. We also had groups from all of the US join us for a wonderful summer of ministry.

Operating a wilderness ministry and outdoor programs is never easy. The past 10 years have brought challenges beyond imagination. With COVID-19, climate change, and changing policy with the Forrest Service, it would be easy to make excuses and call it a day. We are blessed that God has given us the ability to operate our discipleship and leadership training programs each summer. Our outdoor adventures are a way to help teens grow, connect, experience, and challenge themselves. We are blessed that we still provided backpacking trips, hiking trips, and whitewater rafting this summer among all the chaos.

This summer will be memorable to us, as it was a summer when we needed God to bless us at every turn. This summer would not have been possible without the wonderful people who support us in prayer, by coming on a program, and through stewardship and donations.

Thanks to Everyone for making this summer possible!

The Wilderness Trek Team