The Wilderness Trek Foundation

Building a sustainable future for the ministry

The Board of Directors and the Executive Director of Wilderness Trek Christian Camp (WTCC) are proud to announce the creation of a new organization that will pave the way for the next 45 years of Wilderness Trek. The Wilderness Trek Foundation is a new organization set up by WTCC for the express purpose of starting and managing an endowment fund that will serve to provide long-term funding for the many ministries of WTCC.

“We have discussed, dreamed, prayed, and planned for this day for many decades,” said Executive Director Paul Talley. “The board outlined this as a major objective in 2011 and we are excited to announce that we have overcome the last remaining hurdles to make this long-term dream a reality.” 

The new foundation will oversee the establishment, creation, funding, and oversight of a long-term endowment, as well as several previously dedicated scholarship funds, such as the Tim Henderson Leadership Scholarship and the Ed Eason Servant Scholarship. The new foundation will have five Board of Directors who will work closely with the WTCC leadership to fund and manage the endowment and its distributions to WTCC for the express purpose of ministry. 

“This not only paves the way for the future of Wilderness Trek, but it also allows long-time donors and friends of Trek to contribute to something that will outlast us all. Long after we are gone, the endowment will still be funding the ministry of Wilderness Trek” said Talley. “It gives us the ability for our donations to outlive our generation since money contributed to the endowment will be funding the ministry 50 years from now. It is exciting to think of how God will use this endowment to bless the next several generations.” 

“The Board has dreamed of this for decades.” said board President John T. Wright, “In 2011 the board made this a priority and we are excited God has answered our prayers today.” 

“We still have a lot of hard work to do, but today marks an important day in the history of Wilderness Trek,” said Talley, “this is the beginning of what’s next. It’s our next peak. With God’s generosity, we will have a funding endowment that will make it possible for teens who have not even been born yet to experience the Gospel through adventure in the future.”

It is expected to take several years to fully fund the endowment through cash and non-cash contributions, such as stocks, bonds, property, planned gifts, and legacy gifts. The endowment is a great place to leave a legacy that will last more than a lifetime. 

To find out more about the endowment or to talk with someone about making a contribution that will last a lifetime, please email Paul Talley at