Why did we decide to make a film?

We are passionate about outdoor activities. We are also passionate about our faith. As Christians who are also involved in the outdoor and recreation industry, we have often longed for a larger conversation about the role outdoor activities play in growing someone’s faith. For far too long, we have wondered why more people are not talking about how their faith interacts with their love of adventure and outdoor activities. Questions like, what role do nature and adventure play in our spiritual growth? Can adventure be a tool for healing and recovery? If so many people turn to the outdoors to find meaning, why is there no one helping them link faith to nature? So we decided to start the conversation by making a film.

In the short documentary ‘Riding the Shadow’, we dive into the story of a former youth pastor who was involved in a school shooting and used adventure and nature as a way to heal. This story follows along a two-week journey to bikepack the Colorado Trail from Denver to Durango. 600+ miles, 90,000ft of climbing, 90% singletrack, 1 man, a camera, and a story of how God can use adventure to grow our faith.




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