2021 Backpacking Trip Packing List

Looking for what to pack on your Wilderness Trek?

Knowing what to pack on a backpacking trip can be tricky. Weather, location, and activity play a large role in what to take on an overnight trip. On this page, you will find what we recommend everyone take on one of our backpacking trips. 


If you have additional questions, reach out to sami@wildernesstrek.org

Backpacking Trip Packing List 


  • T-shirts – Light colored t-shirts are nice as they retain less heat. Bring one for every day or less if you desire. (it is best to only take 2 on trail)
  • Shorts – Bring at least one or two pairs that are longer for wearing a harness. (2 pairs on trail; at least one could be used for swimming)
  • Underwear
  • Socks – Wool/non-cotton! (3 pairs is a good number for a week on trail)
  • Rain Gear – A rain jacket is necessary and rain pants are nice to have! (we do provide rain ponchos if they are needed)
  • Bandana(s) – Great for sun protection and countless other things
  • Swimsuit – Optional (Often we hike and swim in the same clothes.) Be modest please.
  • Boots – The area is rocky, so broken in high top boots are preferred. Durable running shoes are okay. A thick sole will keep your feet more comfortable. Waterproof footwear is preferred.Sandals or other lightweight shoes can be worn around the campsite but not for hiking.
  • Lightweight jacket or long-sleeved shirt – fleece is nice for cold nights/mornings. A warmer jacket/puffy — bring one just in case the temperatures are lower than anticipated, we can assess the need for it before we hit the trail
  • Stocking cap/beanie – Helps with cold nights – if you get cold easily
  • Long Pants – One pair is enough. Don’t bring jeans or heavy cotton. Lightweight synthetic fabrics are best. No cotton if possible.
  • Base Layer – Synthetic long underwearBase camp Clothing – When you return from base camp it’s nice to put on your favorite clothes. All clothes should be lightweight and able to dry quickly. No cotton if possible. We recommend that you do not bring jeans for the trail portion of your trip Other Gear 

Other Gear:

  • Water Bottles – Two or Three water bottles carrying about 1 L each OR Hydration System – Camelbak style water bladder and hose (2 L) (Can be found at Wal-mart’s camping section)
  • Toiletries- Toothbrush, toothpaste, (shampoo, towel, etc. FOR BASECAMP ONLY) Pillow while at basecamp – up to preference
  • Flashlight or Headlamp with extra batteries
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen, Chapstick, Bug repellant
  • Bible & Notebook/Journal with pen
  • Medications – NOTE: All doctor prescribed medications must come in the prescription bottle with directions. We do not take up or give out meds.
  • Daypack – For excursions without our heavy packs (must be small enough to pack away)
  • Extra snacks. Trek provides all of the meals but you are welcome to bring small snacks in between meal snacks if desired. TOTAL WEIGHT OF SNACK FOOD MUST REMAIN UNDER 2 POUNDS. Buff or face mask