2012-2019: A Relaunch

In 2012 and 2013 Wilderness Trek brought on new board members, applied for Forest Service permits in new areas, started to develop its own operating procedures, and identified long-term areas it could operate. Trips from 2012-2017 were kept small and mostly operated out of northern New Mexico near Taos and Red River. During this time, the board went through the hard work of creating new processes, new procedures, and a new vision for the future. Much time was spent identifying how God was working and how we could participate in God’s plan for the ministry.

In early fall of 2017 WTCC started with a new ‘relaunch’ by hiring a new Executive Director. This relaunch process was the culmination of everything that had been started in 2005 and included a fundraising campaign called “NEXT 40’” designed to launch the ministry into the next 40 years of operation. The new vision of Trek included all of the time tested elements of what made Wilderness Trek so special, along with a emphasis on new activities, new locations, and more focus on other groups like young adults, college students, and families.

In the spring of 2018 WTCC started talking with the Glorieta Adventure Camps located outside Santa Fe, NM. Glorieta also had a youth wilderness program called Glorieta Wilderness. Like Trek, Glorieta Wilderness was a faith-based non-profit outdoor ministry that provided similar trips and experiences for teens, young adults, and families. Glorieta Wilderness was over 10 years old and had a proven track record of excellence in Christian Outdoor ministry along with a strong culture of life-changing trips. 


In the summer of 2018, Wilderness Trek and Glorieta Wilderness operated joint trips out of the Santa Fe, NM basecamp. Both Wilderness Trek and Glorieta Wilderness groups experienced life change through the trips and experiences of 2018. While sharing a basecamp, the two groups worked together to identify how both ministries could be combined into one amazing organization ready to serve people all over the southwest. 


In Oct 2018, Glorieta Adventure Camps gifted their wilderness department called Glorieta Wilderness, to Wilderness Trek. At this time they donated all equipment, staff and programs to Wilderness Trek. Additionally, Wilderness Trek leased the buildings currently assigned to the Glorieta Wilderness Program for use as a long term basecamp. This partnership doubled the footprint of our operating area as well as provided highly qualified staff, quality equipment, and well run established programs to our offerings.  We now have 3 full-time year-round staff, operate in 6 states, and have a new shared history with a great organization called Glorieta Adventure Camps. This partnership also allows us to work with the other two camps in the camp eagle family of camps, that are owned by Glorieta. 


With more full-time staff than ever before, a large well situated private basecamp, expanded programs, and a laser focus on faith-based adventure, Wilderness Trek is excited to see what God will do with all of the amazing resources he has granted us. We are excited to join God for whatever he has planned for the NEXT40 years!