Your group’s dream trek

We’re excited to have you

  • Basic Group Info

    • Your name
    • Your name
    • What type of group are you?
    • What type of group are you?
  • Logistic Information

    The nitty gritty.
    • Including leadership
    • Including leadership
    • How are you getting to basecamp?
    • Let us know if we need to help.
    • This is important to help us know how to schedule our vehicles and staff as it's too far to walk.
  • Trek Goals

    Let's jump into your goals for trek.
  • We do a variety of activities including rafting, fly fishing, basecamp activities, rappelling, etc.
  • Please explain issues or needs your group has that you may be working on or just your ideas about what would be most helpful for your group to grow spiritually.
  • Email us at if you need more space.
  • This helps us understand what experiences to give your group when they are here.
  • Or anything else you'd like to tell us?