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Wilderness Trek



Ideal for: Everyone from first-timers to experts.   |   Ages: 8 and Up   |   Dates: TBD

Student Retreats – High School

Do you have a group of students who could use a timeout to grow closer to God and each other? Retreats are a great way to help your group grow closer together while bonding around a common cause. Retreats usually only last a weekend but leave a lifetime of memories. These short-term times of dedication and focus can help your group connect, grow spiritually and have fun, all in one short weekend!

  • Ideal for: Youth Groups and school groups
  • Ages: High School
  • Dates: Year Round

Student Retreats – College

Does your college group, club, or sorority need a weekend to connect and grow? Our weekend Retreats can be just the ticket. Designed around adventure, fun and spiritual growth, you could have a great weekend with your friends while growing closer to God. What are you waiting for? Adventure awaits!

  • Ideal for: Adventurous Student Groups from churches, schools, or clubs
  • Ages: College
  • Dates: Year Round

Ministers Refresher

Pastoring can be stressful. No matter if you’re an assistant pastor of a church of 40 or a lead pastor of a church of 4,000, shepherding the people of God can take a toll on your mind and your body. Aren’t you always available to listen and to offer spiritual advice for those in need? Pastors need vacation and counseling too, and oftentimes the opportunity for pastors to recharge is not available or affordable. Whatever situation you find yourself in as a leader, finding time for intimacy with God and your marriage are necessities. Our adventure retreats are specially designed for pastors and their families to take some time away from home, because paying attention to your personal spiritual wellbeing is crucial for a healthy relationship with God.

  • Ideal for: Ministers and Their Families
  • Ages: 13 and Up
  • Dates: TBD

Custom Retreats

Do you have a specific idea about a trip or adventure you would like to take but do not know where to start? We would love to dream with you. We love helping get others started with their dream adventure. If you need advice, we would be glad to help. If you just want to connect with other Christians who love adventure and will be excited for you and help you think through the logistics, call us. Our advice is free, but our knowledge is priceless. We love adventure and would love to deliver your dream adventure. We have a few connections that can help make your dream adventure a reality.

  • Ideal for: Churches, Businesses, and Organizations
  • Ages: All Ages
  • Dates: Year Round

Group Retreats

If you are a part of any group of people you want to grow spiritually with and experience some common bonds together, consider coming on one of our small group trips. Group sizes can range from 6 to 12 people and can be made up of any group you would like to have a great time with. Men’s groups, women groups, sports teams, college roommates, old friends, business groups, and church groups, are all a few of the examples of groups we encourage. Ages can be from 12-99 yrs old. Small groups trips can also be highly tailored and customizable to fit the needs/desires of each group.

  • Ideal for: Churches, Businesses, and Organizations
  • Ages: 13 and Up
  • Dates: Year Round

Family Retreats

Are you looking for a way to spend a great vacation outdoors with your family but do not know where to start? Let us help! We love families and believe that time spent outside without phones and media devices help bond families together. Options include staying at our basecamp in a hotel and participating in day activities, to full on backpacking trips from 2-5 days. Trips can be tailored to your families needs and can include small children.

  • Ideal for: Families, Couples and Children
  • Ages: All Ages
  • Dates: Year Round

Corporate Retreats

One of the best ways to help grow your team is to have a great experience outside of work together. Work groups who participate in shared experiences enjoy their workplace more, are more productive and create a more welcoming work environment for everyone around them. Our leadership training trips are a great way to connect with your group, bring clarity to your mission and experience life together. Business groups locations include: Santa Fe, NM, Southern Colorado, Big Bend, TX and other locations around Texas and range from 1 to 3 days in length. Business experiences focus on leadership, team development and personal growth. Business experiences may or may not include spiritual content depending on the group make up and goals.

  • Ideal for: Corporate Groups and Organizations
  • Ages: 13 and Up
  • Dates: Year Round
  • 1-3 Night Packages Available

Snow Days

Join us for our annual Snow Days Ski Retreat! Experience the mountains cloaked in a shimmering white blanket of snow and a variety of winter activities like snow skiing, snowboarding or snowshoeing – all just down the road at the Ski Santa Fe Mountain Resort. Relax in the evenings with food, worship and song.

  • Ideal for: Skiers and Snowboarders
  • Ages: 13 and Up
  • Dates: 2019 Dates TBA 

Everything You Need to Know +

Everything You Need to Know –

Climate & Conditions

Glorieta Wilderness activities take place in the Sangre de Cristo range of the Southern Rocky Mountains of northern New Mexico. Here are things you need to prepare for. More

Physical Demands

Wilderness adventures may require physical stamina and conditioning beyond what you are used to. Here are some tips on what to expect and how to condition your mind and body so you have an awesome experience. More

What to Bring

This is not your average camping trip and so the packing list is a bit different than our regular overnight camp. Pack thorough, but light, as you’ll be carrying these essential things with you as you hike. More

What not to Bring

Not to be a downer, but this is wilderness camp, baby! Off the grid. Enjoy it. Here’s your list of items to leave at home. Yep, cell phones are on it. You’ll have no use for them anyway. More

Dates & Rates for Wilderness Adventures

Wilderness CampLengthDatesRatesStatusRegister
Backpacking - The Glorieta Loop2-6 DayMarch-OctRequest QuoteOPENSIGN UP
Individual Trip June6 Day6/16-6/22$600OPENBOOK NOW
Individual Trip July6 Day7/21-7/27$600OPENBOOK NOW
Backpacking - New Mexico Peaks4-7 DayMay-AugRequest QuoteOPENSIGN UP
Backpacking - Pecos Wilderness Loop4-7 DayMay-AugRequest QuoteOPENSIGN UP
Basecamp Adventures2-7 DayMarch-OctRequest QuoteOPENSIGN UP
Whitewater River Rafting3-6 DayMay-AugRequest QuoteOPENSIGN UP

For any questions regarding Wilderness Retreats or registration please contact:

Scott Chapman: Email  |  505-639-9717


Enthusiastic. Energetic. Inspiring. And SUPER Fun.

Our staff is made up of a bunch of fun, friendly people who are also serious about providing you with the best adventure ever. Each day they demonstrate their passion for serving Jesus Christ through leading by example and with a cheerful demeanor. All of our staff goes through three weeks of dedicated training that includes wilderness First aid, Backcountry travel and safety, Child Protection and safety, and spiritual awareness and formation. All of our staff and volunteers have also been screened for safety and have had background checks.

Our staff members are recruited based on their:

Personality & Ability

Passion for Teaching Youth

Servant's Heart

Relationship With Christ

Qualifications & Skills

Education & Training

Base Camp Features

Some of the things that make Glorieta such a very special place.

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