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Classic Treks


Ideal for: Everyone from first-timers to experts.   |   Ages: 8 and Up   |   Dates: June 9th – Aug 5th


Glorieta Loop

This is a great place to start. The trailhead is right out the back door and the schedule is more activity based, rather than a peak or distance being the goal. Although you’re on the trail you still get to try new things like rock climbing and rappelling, or you can jump in the swimming hole and warm up in the sauna.

  • Ideal for: Younger Groups, first-time backpackers, trips less than 4 days
  • Ages: 13 and Up (can be modified for younger groups ages 10+ as well)
  • Dates: Year Round


New Mexico Peaks

New Mexico is often called “Colorado without the crowds”. While peaks in Colorado are jammed packed with “peak baggers”, New Mexico has dozens of peaks to choose from with no crowds and is one of the best-kept secrets in the Rockies. Climbs above tree line will reward you with views that will take your breath away and give you pause to reflect. Take your time, chances are you will be alone on your summit and your group will experience true solitude.

  • Ideal for: Classic Trek Groups, churches, schools, small groups, family groups
  • Ages: 13 and Up
  • Dates: Spring, Summer, Fall
  • Packages: 2-6 Night Packages Available


The Pecos Wilderness

A favorite area of famed trapper Kit Karson, the Pecos Wilderness includes peaks such as Pecos Baldy and Truchas Peak as the primary goals of the trip. Truchas is the second largest peak in New Mexico (and the most remote) and to many, offers the most spectacular vistas and views. Shhhhhhhhh!! This beautiful wilderness area is one of the best-kept secrets of Northern New Mexico and gets climbed less than 2 dozen times a year.

  • Ideal for: Groups who want a summit attempt on their trip
  • Ages: 13 and Older
  • Dates: Spring, Summer, Fall

Basecamp Adventures

These adventures stay at our base camp where numerous fun resources and activities are available including the waterfront, zip lines, drift trikes, coffee shop, home-style cooking and more. In between, we hit the trail to take in the breath-taking Glorieta mountain and wilderness scenery.

  • Ideal for: Groups who want to sleep in a bed every night but still have adventures during the day
  • Ages: 13 and Older (this can also be configured for pre-teens ages 10-12yrs old) 
  • Dates: Summer
  • Packages: 3, 5 & 6 Night Packages Available

Individual Trips

These special backpacking trips are for individuals not attached to a group. These trips are on specific weeks and can be enjoyed by anyone. Whether you are by yourself or with a group of friends, this is an experience that will not be soon forgotten. All trips start from Santa Fe, New Mexico. These trips are great for people who want to go on a great trip but don’t have anyone to go with. You will have plenty of opportunities to meet others!  If you have a group of at least 6 friends and would like to try one of the other trips. Give us a call.

  • Ideal for: Individuals who want to experience Trek but do not have a group to come with
  • Ages: High School ages 14-18
  • Dates: June 16-22 or July 21-27, 2019

Pack & Paddle Adventure

Pack & Paddle is a popular combination of one of our 5 or 6-day backpacking trips with a half or full day of white water rafting on the Rio Grande river outside of Taos, New Mexico.

  • Ideal for: Groups going on a classic Trek who also want to raft
  • Ages: 13 and Up
  • Dates: Spring, Summer, Fall
  • 6-7 Night Packages Available

Everything You Need to Know +

Everything You Need to Know –

Climate & Conditions

Glorieta Wilderness activities take place in the Sangre de Cristo range of the Southern Rocky Mountains of northern New Mexico. Here are things you need to prepare for. More

Physical Demands

Wilderness adventures may require physical stamina and conditioning beyond what you are used to. Here are some tips on what to expect and how to condition your mind and body so you have an awesome experience. More

What to Bring

This is not your average camping trip and so the packing list is a bit different than our regular overnight camp. Pack thorough, but light, as you’ll be carrying these essential things with you as you hike. More

What not to Bring

Not to be a downer, but this is wilderness camp, baby! Off the grid. Enjoy it. Here’s your list of items to leave at home. Yep, cell phones are on it. You’ll have no use for them anyway. More

Getting To Basecamp

Our base camp is located in Glorieta Camps outside of Santa Fe New Mexico. The address is 11 State Highway 50 Glorieta NM 87535. When you get to the gate, just tell them you are with Wilderness Trek. 


Participation Waivers

Our goal is to make camp as safe as possible. But adventure activities have inherent risks. Please review and acknowledge with your signature.


Arrival & Departure

We can’t wait to welcome you to Wilderness Trek! Our program director will work with you for arrival times and pointers to make your arrival and departure smooth ‘n’ easy. More

Health and Safety

The spiritual, physical, and emotional well being of every camper is our top priority. We’re here to fulfill all their safety and nutritional needs. More

Financial Aid

We have a limited number of scholarships due to the generosity of donors who make it possible. If your camper is in need, please apply early. More

Code of Conduct

We’re here to have fun, build each other up and encourage others in love! But there are a few behaviors that just won’t fly at Wilderness Trek. More

Cell Phones / Devices Policy

There is no app for this. Stop, listen and look around. Nature is amazing! Enjoy it while you can. Please leave your cell phones and devices at home.

In Case of Emergency

While on the trail it is very hard for us to contact teens. But if there’s a home emergency, contact our Wilderness Director and we’ll make arrangements and see what we can do. More

Dates & Rates for Classic Treks

Wilderness CampLengthDatesRatesStatusRegister
Trek for Individuals - June6 DayTBA$600OPENTBA
Trek for Individuals - July6 DayTBA$600OPENTBA
Group Trek - Backpacking - The Glorieta Loop2-6 DayMarch-Oct$85 per dayOPENSIGN UP
Group Trek - Backpacking - New Mexico Peaks4-7 DayMay-Aug$90 per dayOPENSIGN UP
Group Trek - Backpacking - Pecos Wilderness Loop4-7 DayMay-Aug$90 per dayOPENSIGN UP
Group Trek - Basecamp Adventures2-7 DayMarch-OctRequest QuoteOPENSIGN UP
Pack & Paddle Adventure3-6 DaySpring, Summer, FallRequest QuoteOPENSIGN UP

For any questions regarding Wilderness Trek or registration please contact us:

Email  |  505-303-0758


Enthusiastic. Energetic. Inspiring. And SUPER Fun.

Not only does all of our staff love Jesus and want you to experience transformation while in nature, they just happen to be highly trained and certified in important skills like Wilderness First aid, Rock climbing, wilderness travel and Leave no trace. Your spiritual and physical safety is very important to us!