Sometimes, you just need to take a break and reflect on where you are going. At Trek we have called this “solo day”. Each of our backpacking trips has one day dedicated to pausing, stopping to reflect, and listening intently to the voice of God. The bible calls this pause of work Sabbath. For 2018 we will be only running a modified summer. We will be doing this for two reasons. The first is for an organizational Sabbath. After 41 years of operation we need to re-boot, re-connect and reflect. The second reason is to plan and build for the future.

For years we have sat around the campfire and dreamed of more. More programs, more locations, more impact and more opportunity. Every year we would tell ourselves, “maybe next year”. This year, we decided that next year is now.  This summer we will only run a few trips to test out some new programs, new locations, new menus, new gear and new adventures. This much needed research and planning will help us plan for a full bore re-launch of new programs in 2019.

2019 Programs will include:


  • Expanded operating areas (New Mexico, Colorado, Texas, Utah)
  • 3-day family trips (ages 8+)
  • 5-day youth group trips (ages 13-18)
  • 8-day trips for high school or college students (ages 16-18 0r 19-25)
  • 10-day trips for young adults (ages 19-25)
  • Year round offerings
    • Weekend trips
    • Mission training
    • Pastor renewal
    • Team building
    • Leadership training
    • Speaking events

Each of these adventures will have the four main objectives all of our trips have. They will all seek to connect, grow, experience and challenge your faith.

If you would like more info on our future plans or would like to request a trip, please contact us at