Our Mission Let the mountains move your faith.

Transform lives and pierce hearts by God’s presence and power as experienced in the grandeur of His creation.

Prayerfully seeking God’s direction, WTCC, Inc. will increase ministry reach, engage stakeholders and
create a lasting, sustainable and relevant ministry.

As a result of countless conversations over the years with Trek Stakeholders and based on the Board’s
vision planning through the years, we are confident that the Lord has a great vision for Trek that can be
summed up by the following objectives:

  1. Independent Nonprofit Ministry– Create an independent and self supported outdoor ministry with proper oversight and accountability.
  2. Wilderness Trek Program – Continue to provide a Christian-based outdoor program, which provides an opportunity for teens to develop a closer relationship with Christ and one another, through a challenging experience in God’s creation.
  3. Scholarship Trek Programs – Provide Christian outdoor programs, geared towards less fortunate teens, with the goal of Trek providing scholarships for a large number of the teens participating in such programs. This would require the development of strong partnerships with after school programs, urban development programs and other ministries geared towards the less fortunate.
  4. Mission and Service Training – Provide Christian outdoor programs geared towards building character, leadership development and team building to prepare participants for service to God locally, nationally and globally.
  5. A Place to Serve – Provide an opportunity for those passionate about the work of Trek a place to serve and participate in the work by creating an organizational culture that would allow ‘Trekkers’ for generations to come together and serve together in God’s creation.

If you have questions or thoughts about our vision, please contact us.