Campaign Purpose: After 41 years of operation, we dream of a new future. Next40 is our campaign to raise 18 months of startup capital to launch our ministry into the NEXT40 years of teaching generations of people the transformational power of hearing God through nature.

Plan: The NEXT40 Campaign will provide us operating capital to do 4 main things.

  • Develop our markets-expand our reach, scope, and customer base
  • Develop our processes-streamline our registration to online, long term permitting and business processes
  • Develop our people-hire more full time staff, expand volunteer base, and grow training
  • Develop our product-offer quality trips to more people and groups

Our New Future:

  • Expanding operating areas (New Mexico, Colorado, Texas, Utah, Arizona)
  • 3-day family trips (ages 8+)
  • 5-day youth group trips (ages 13-18)
  • 8-day high school trips for individuals (ages 16-18)
  • 10-day Young adult trips for individuals (ages 19-25)
  • Year around offerings
    • Weekend trips
    • Mission training
    • Pastor renewal
    • Team building
    • Leadership training
    • Speaking events


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