2016 Guide: Brandon Knight

Meet Brandon Knight a Junior Bio-medical Engineering Major at Texas A&M.

What are your 3 favorite past times?
I’m a Junior at Texas A&M working on my B.S., and eventually M.E., in Biomedical Engineering. BMEN it is a challenging major, but is a passion of mine because its a chance for me to help others through medical device. Music is also something I’m passionate about, both listening and occasionally playing. As far as listening goes, I enjoy worship, soft rock, pop (artists like Hillsong, Michael W. Smith, Coldplay, NeedtoBreathe), and some classical music. Since being in college, I play piano less frequently, but still really enjoy playing, mostly Baroque and modern compositions. Another hobby of mine is running. I’ve been a short-distance runner off and on for 7 years, mostly running for the sake of it (I’ve only been in a few races). I’ve also enjoyed spending the last few years of college with friends in Aggies for Christ and my BMEN class.
What is your favorite verse or passage of scripture?

One of my favorite verses is John 21:19, “Then Jesus said to Peter, ‘Follow me!'” This is one of my favorite verses because it is an invitation to relationship with, and surrender of self to, Christ. It reminds me what Christ has called us to; not to religion based on our own effort or perfection, but to follow and walk intimately with Him.

Tell us about your relationship with God.

I’ve been a disciple of Christ now for seven years, and have been learning the whole time. I always find it powerful how God gives us the people and guidance we need, at the time we need it, to grow in our walk with Him. Currently I’d say I’m growing in my passion for the lost (something God has recently shown me I need to put more effort into), and in viewing my following of Him as a relationship, one that’s defined by His grace toward me, and not my ability to be good on my own power.

Why Wilderness Trek?

I’ve always enjoyed spending time in the mountains. I believe the people can have literal mountaintop experiences with God because His majesty and peace are reflected in the awesomeness and quiet of the mountains. I also chose Trek because I’d love to share what God has taught me by His word through His discipleship of me. Finally, I believe the reason Christ has called all of us is so we may follow Him, loving God and pouring into others.





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