The Guides of 2016

Spending a month backpacking in the Rocky Mountains while professing the greatness of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ sounds like a dream job to most people.

At Wilderness Trek this 2016 season 5 people get to live that dream.

This year our guides are Grant Cooper, Brandon Knight, Sarah Kirkpatrick, Megan Stewart and Gabby Ferro. The following series of post will introduce each of our new and returning staff members to the Wilderness Trek community.

We are so excited about the growth of Trek in this coming season. We firmly believe that each one of our staff are brought to us by the Father and we can’t wait to be his hands and feet this summer.God has been moving in big ways in our ministry. Our prayer is that we continue to glorify Him in our service. 

Thank you to all the past guides of Wilderness Trek we plan on continuing your legacy of excellence in love and service.


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