2016 Guide: Sarah Kirkpatrick

Meet Sarah! She is a senior English major and Art minor at Harding University from Missouri.

Meet Sarah! She is a senior English major and Music minor at Harding University from Missouri.

What are your 3 favorite past times?

I love art. Drawing and watercolor are my favorite, but I also love colored pencil, painting with oil, clay sculptures, pottery, really almost anything. I play violin and piano, which I also teach. I read a lot (English Major), but my favorites are Jane Austen, Henry James, and most Romantic British writers. Aaaaand I’m a dedicate yogi (sorry that’s 4)

What is your favorite verse or passage of scripture?

My favorite verse is John 3:6-8. I think these verses are beautifully written and I love the metaphor. I feel like it really captures the mystery of the Holy Spirit, but it also relates the importance of the Spirit, which I feel is often overlooked. This verse reminds me not only that the Holy Spirit is both needed and wanted, but that I am born again through it.

Why Wilderness Trek?

I want to grow as a Christian leader and I want the opportunity to reach out, no matter how uncomfortable, to encourage others. I also love the outdoors and have been searching ceaselessly for an opportunity like this one.

Sarah is an excellent addition to Wilderness Trek staff this season and we are so excited for our Trekkers to meet her this year. As always keep us in your prayers WT supports as we seek to serve God in all we do.


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