Please Help Us Reach Our 2014 Summit Goals

Over 32,000 teens and adults have come closer to God, physically and spiritually, through Wilderness Trek and with your help we will keep this 37 year tradition of outdoor faith building experiences thriving.

Wilderness Trek has guided thousands to the mountaintops of Colorado for “take your breath away” moments. We are planning more of these moments in 2014, but we need your help!

God’s creation is awe-inspiring and faith strengthening. Looking up at a mountain is breath-taking! Looking down from the top of the mountain reminds you of the Creator! Our ministry thrives on your prayers and God’s guidance.

“Those moments of Wilderness Trek made a big impact on me. I learned that my physical body could be pushed more than I ever thought; I learned I could be a good leader and I learned to work together in a team. Singing and worshiping God outside in that setting was precious. It’s something that I will never forget and will always cherish. I hope that Wilderness Trek can continue on and be a special time for many more young people. It’s needed more now than ever.”
– Statement from a former Wilderness Trekker

A big part of Wilderness Trek’s new focus is offering even more scholarships to teens that would not be able to afford this life-changing experience without you. Your tax-deductible donation will make it all possible.

Donations fund basic expenses like equipment, food, and necessary land-use permits.

Wilderness Trek has a new theme we call “Summit and Serve”. Participants take time to reflect on God’s greatness and power while on the mountaintop and then have an opportunity to show the love of God to others through a service project in the local mountain community after they come off the mountain.

Your donations not only provide funds for these spiritual adventures, but empower the good works of the adventurers. They trek upward to be closer to God and carry the spirit down the mountain to others below.

Please support Wilderness Trek by donating on-line or mailing a check today!

The mountains are calling. A mountaintop encounter with God can change lives for eternity. Will you join us in helping guide kids onto the mountain?

Download our donation guide to find out how you can help!


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